Whether you are fresh out of college or have been working for years, landing a new job that you really want can be a huge challenge. The competition is fierce, and organizations are becoming pickier when choosing who to employ for their open positions. Here are some useful tips on doing your best to override your competition and get that dream job you have always wanted:

  1. Take the time to create the perfect CV

You may think that you already have a pretty good CV, but does it really stand out and will it grab the attention of your future employees who probably look over tens and hundreds of CV’s each day? Make sure that your CV is a perfect reflection of who you actually are. It should include not only the dry facts about your education and relevant experience. Add a personal touch which will show your future bosses just how special you are and what your potential for helping their company actually is. Remember to add relevant links to your LinkedIn profile, your blog or any other information which can act as an “additional CV”.

  1. Contact your potential employers directly

Try making direct contact with a company which is offering a job you really want. You can do this via LinkedIn or e-mail. This type of approach will show just how enthusiastic and proactive you are. Plus, showing initiative and true interest is a plus as well. While this method may not always have positive results, it doesn’t hurt to try, right?

  1. Choose specific keywords from the job description in your CV

Make sure you personalize your CV for the specific position you are applying. Adding more of the keywords included in the job description as part of your previous experience and your personal information will increase the chances of your CV catching the attention of the employers who usually use an applicant tracking system at the initial stages of their hiring process.

  1. Don’t be afraid to be different

Unwind your imagination and create a unique CV which will help you stand out and hopefully grab the attention of the people who receive it. Use a non-standard form or add a small and yet special touch to your CV so that you leave a lasting and positive impression on your potential employers.

  1. Don’t let the important stuff get lost in the details

Don’t overdo it when it comes to designing the format of your CV. In many cases – less is more. Don’t use fonts which are difficult to read. Make it intuitive and readable by adding the relevant information in chronological order and located in separate sectors which are easy to locate.

  1. Don’t be shy – show off

Show off your skills by adding examples of your work, your portfolio, a link to your blog or any other relevant information which will help the employers see and hopefully appreciate just how good you are at what you do!

So, get creative and start working on that special CV now!

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